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La Casa delle Sirene ("The House of Mermaids") it's  a project created to promote swimming with mermaid tail (in italian "sirena": "mermaid") an activity of increasing interest and development throughout the world that allows you to improve your fitness and reduce stress
The project also includes actions where the mermaid, charismatic figure able to engage not only the children, is protagonist of events related to the promotion of the tourist in the areas in which the activities take place and meetings to raise awareness on conservation marine environment.
Discover mermaid
Mermaid Francesca Isola di Figarolo
Creator of the project is Francesca Magnone, a biologist with a specialization on Cetaceans and marine life, diving and mermaiding Instructor,  manages with Alberto De Lazzari  the ESA IC Point "Alpha Diving Center" in Gulf of Aranci (Sardinia - Italy), has collaborated in the making point of ESA mermaid-programs and is the first person to be enabled in the training of Mermaid Instructor ESA.
The mermaiding can be practiced by children and adults can swim and in good physical condition, represents an excellent opportunity to improve the water skills and the integration with the aquatic world. It is carried out through a movement of the body with the propulsion of the tail that contains a monofin. Practicing mermaiding tones the body, stimulates respiration, reduces stress and strengthens the ability to socialize in a playful and relaxing atmosphere, helping to improve the physical appearance and personal well-being through conducting practices such as conscious breathing, free diving and the relaxation in water.
Alpha Diving Mermaids
Alpha Diving Mermaids
Alpha Diving is the first “mermaiding school” in Italy where is possible practise mermaiding with other people passionate of this discipline and with Istructors  certified by ESA (European Scuba Agency) with high standards of quality and safety.
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