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Play with Mermaids!
Activities dedicated to children carried out by mermaids in the pool or in sea with shallow water. For each game is combined a message to raise awareness on the marine environment and its inhabitants. There isn't a minimum age to participate, children who can not swim wear armrests or use other flotation aids.
Mermaid Party!
The game activities dedicated to children are also offered privately.
One or more mermaids play with children in the water. Ideal for birthday parties in hotels, residences and houses with swimming pool or at events dedicated to children.

"The Mermaid" is also a good charismatic example that can be used to preserve marine animals and their habitat (pollution, bycatch, overfishing, finning, etc.).
"La Casa delle Sirene"  organize meetings on environmental education with schools and children to raise awareness on marine conservation with a specific project on the dangers of plastic waste in the sea,  and biowatching activities in SIC (Community Interest Site) of Capo Figari -  Figarolo Island, Golfo Aranci.
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