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Intro mermaiding

First meeting dedicated to discovery mermaiding in the pool or in the sea during the warmer months, to try swimming with mermaid tail for the first time.
At the end you will receive a certificate of participation.
For adults and children able to swim.

 “Mermaid Diver” Course

xperience in water and participatory theoretical workshops on key topics concerning mermaiding and security. A real course for adults and children able to swim to introduce participants to mermaiding. After completing the course are delivered a card and a certificate ESA (European Scuba Agency).

"ECOdiver & Mermaiding" Course

A test of swimming skills, lectures and excursions. Through the use of a waterproof marine environment guide and field exercises for the recognition of the observed organisms, involving information and curiosity on species and habitats. The mermaiding integrates a basic course in marine ecology; completing the course are delivered a card and a certificate ESA "EcoDiver" (European Scuba Agency).
 "Free-diving & mermaiding" Course

Dedicated to all those who want to learn the basic techniques of free-diving  (apnea) using the mermaid tail or monofin. Theoretical and practical activities increase the techniques to prepare the body and mind to free-diving with a conscious and safe approach. 
Completing the course are delivered a card and a certificate ESA "Apnea Life Style" (European Scuba Agency).
Mermaiding Experience

Activities that can be repeated several times, in the pool and in the sea, with increasing of mermaiding techniques, exercises to improve the apnea, choreography and "games" for the development of  swiming skills increasing level of complexity in relation to the experience of participants. Aimed at adults and children able to swim.

Snorkeling & Mermaiding:

The observation of the marine world from the surface with mask, snorkel and mermaid tail or monofin, to explore the environment in an original and fun way!

Mermaiding & Breathing

We organize meetings with experts and specially activities concerning the breathing and relaxation techniques, with dry sessions and sessions in the water dedicated to applied  breathing at mermaiding before and during water activities.
Advanced Mermaiding Course

Dedicated to those who have already achieved the basic mermaid diver licence and want to approach the creative swimming techniques with mermaid tail. 4 activities in the water with: new techniques of breathing, choreographic swimming training and and exercises that develop new water skills. Particularly suitable for those who decide to approach professionally the mermaid world and to prepare you for the "Mermaid Show". The course is recognized by ESA (European Scuba Agency).
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