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La Casa delle Sirene A.S.D.
From 6 June 2017 "La Casa delle Sirene" becomes a ACSI no profit Sports Association.
APresentation of the project "The House of Mermaids" born to promote swimming with mermaid tail and environmental awareness activities
ACSI Amateur Sports Association

Becomes a member you will benefit from all the benefits reserved to the Members and be an active part of the projects, events and activities of "La Casa delle Sirene"!
For information about associations please contact us:
To become a member you need a medical certificate of good health!
Please contact your family doctor before submitting your application to the Association.
Why is it important to do a medical examination?
Mermaiding is a high cardiovascular activity, like many of the activities of the project (diving, apnea, trekking, swimming, etc.) .  
Taking a medical examination once a year is important to be aware of your health status and to prevent any emergency situations.
You always have to consider that as in all sports activities there is always a risk margin that can not be foreseen, but that is minimized by good health and compliance with the general rules that will be provided by the instructors.
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